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So Ibiza was interesting, I had slight passport issues in that I left my passport on the flight out which resulted in me at passport control at half one in the morning wondering if I would even get to set foot in the country. Luckily, I used my charm (and my driving licence) to get in and headed straight to meet some friends where I ended up drinking until the early hours, baggage in tow.

The next day was the day of the wedding and feeling slightly worse for wear I spent hours on the phone to the airline to no avail and learnt that the consulate was closed over the weekend.
With 40 minutes to get ready for the wedding the shower and toilet both broke in our hotel topped with the slight issue of no air con (accidental booking) there was practically zero point in attempting to apply makeup or style my hair.
The wedding itself was lovely with a beautiful backdrop and amazing tapas food.
It was so hot that the bridesmaids had to get scissor friendly and cut off the under skirts to their dresses.

The day after we ventured to the old town which was very picturesque, great views but even here I struggled to find any good tapas my one good meal of the trip was an Italian!
I got some down time in the afternoon to people watch and take note of the Spanish style; straw bags, loose culottes and floral dresses a plenty, on the whole a lot of feminine outfits with edgy metallic accessories.

On Sunday I turned up at the airport attempting to board without a passport and after searching through my bags it turned out without a driving license too after realising I’d left it at the hotel on the other side of the island (head in hands moment) essentially, I was trying to board a flight back to the UK with a scrap piece of paper.
So after being turned away I had to re-book flights, another hotel for the night (with air con this time) and travel to the embassy the next day to pay for an emergency passport.

Let’s just say my bank balance was hit….by an avalanche, and I came back in a tired, bedraggled, sunburnt state.

Currently planning to book another trip but I still am waiting for that new passport to arrive..

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