NY: Alexa Chung for AG New York Launch Party


The countdown is on only a few more sleeps until Alexa’s clothing line is officially launched on the 30th May.
Searching through images of Alexa I realised style wise how much of a source of inspiration she is for me, she has a way of encompassing such a variety of well thought out outfits whilst making it look so effortless.
Her signature styles include cut-off shorts with feminine patterned blouses, smock dresses with delicate frills, pinafore dresses and ballet pumps; anything that shows off her never-ending legs.
I’ve got my eye on Alexa’s Instagram which is already building up the suspense in the run up to the launch date as well as a short promotional video called ‘Dressage’ which showcases some of the pieces.
I suspect the words demure, delicate and refined will feature heavily once this collection lands.

Purse strings at the ready..


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